Glutoclean Speedy


Since the foundation in 1928 PUFAS has consistently expanded its product range - through continuous innovation and development of products, as weel as by adopting traditional trademarks such as decotric (1977) and Glutolin (2003). The company Baufan Bauchemie Leipzig GmbH has been integrated into the company group in 1999, and has been extended throught extensive investments during the following years.

Today PUFAS offers a broad range of wallpaper adhesives, pastes, fillers, primers, coatings, emulsion paints and other renovation products. The Glutoclean range provides a full program of more than 40 special products for cleaning and value maintenance.

As a privately owned, mediumsized company PUFAS is responsible for the production site and the increase in number of workplaces and traineeships.

For the sustainable strengthing of his market position the company relies on the important factors of product quality, ability to supply and service which entails a close network of qualified sales representatives.


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